12th Annual International Smart Sourcing Conference

This conference to be held at Toronto, Canada on August 21-22, 2014 has been cancelled. Please stay tuned for announcements about the next conference.



Our mission is to advance knowledge of the benefits of global outsourcing to businesses, and to help businesses understand how to realize the improvements in productivity that global outsourcing offers. While most outsourcing is still domestic, countries such as India, Ireland, Israel, Russia, China & Philippines have become top international outsourcing destinations.

However, the lines of communication between the vendors in these countries and the CIOs/COOs of the client companies are few and far between. This is further exacerbated by geographical differences, temporal differences, cultural diversity, language barriers, and differing laws/regulations.

We believe that there exists an unfilled need to improve the direct lines of communication between client and vendor companies in the software outsourcing/business process outsourcing business. Towards this end, our charter calls for holding annual knowledge dissemination conferences to facilitate direct communication between client company managers, vendor company managers, government/embassy officials, industry leaders and academicians, thus reducing the information gap that exists between them. The end result will be to to both client and vendor companies, as well as an improved understanding of outsourcing for all parties involved.

Center for Global Outsourcing was co-founded in 2001 by Dr. Shailendra Palvia and his brother Mr. Pankaj Palvia. Since 2004, Dr. Shailendra Palvia is the President and CEO of CGO.  For more details, please click here.


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